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Scoil Naomh Treasa

The Staff and Board of Management of Scoil Naomh Treasa, in consultation with parents, have established a healthy eating policy for all students attending the school.

Aims of this Policy:

● To promote the personal development and well ­being of the child.

● To promote the health of the child and provide a foundation for healthy living in all its aspects.

● To enable the child to appreciate the importance of good nutrition for growing and developing and staying healthy.

● To enable the child to accept some personal responsibility for making wise food choices and adopting a healthy balanced diet.

Healthy Food: It is very important to promote healthy eating from as young an age as possible and so parents are asked to provide their child with healthy lunches only. This lunch should incorporate the essential food groups from the food pyramid. For health and safety reasons we urge you not to give your child a glass bottle or a drinks can. We do not permit swapping of lunches. Please ensure that your child is aware of this. Please remember to label your child’s lunch box and drink bottle. While a healthy lunch is essential, it is also important to provide you child with a full and nutritious breakfast before they leave for school.

The following guide is designed to help you provide quick, appetising and nutritious lunches for your child.

Encouraged Foods / Drinks and Healthy Lunch Suggestions

● Drinks: Water and Milk

● Bread Suggestions: white or brown bread ,soft tortillas for wraps, bagels healthy muffins, unsalted crackers, rolls, or pita bread

● Nutritious fillings: Meat, cheese, fish, salad, eggs. Perhaps you consider sandwich combinations such as ham and cheese, diced chicken and sweet corn, turkey and avocado, tuna and mayonnaise, jam and cream cheese

● Sandwich shapes: Make sandwiches look exciting by using shape cutters.

● Snack Mixes: Create your own using a selection of small flavourful crackers, cereal, dried fruit or pretzels

● Dairy Snacks: Cheese and yoghurts

● Fruit and Vegetables: To ensure your child gets his / her daily requirement of fruit vegetables – cut up a selection of carrot sticks, celery sticks, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, grapes, strawberries, melon. Pineapple and apple slices dipped in lemon juice will help keep them fresh.

● Lunch on a stick: Cheese, fruit, and meat.

● Extra Ideas: Fruity flap­jacks, carrot and apple muffins, mini salads, cold pasta, cous cous, etc.



Foods to be consumed in Moderation:

● Popcorn, Cereal Bars, Jelly pots, Custard Pots.

● Plain Biscuits (maximum two).

● Scones, Plain Cakes, Buns, Apple tart, Croissants – please ensure that buns are not covered   with icing.

● Fruit Juices / Diluted drinks (check sugar content) – for lunchtimes only and not for sipping   throughout the day.

● Processed foods such as sausage rolls / pies etc.

● Hot drinks, such as soup or tea in a flask, are permitted. However, please ensure that the  temperature of the soup is appropriate in case of spilling.

Banned Food Items:    

● Nuts or nut products

● Chocolate and all chocolate products – this includes chocolate bars, chocolate spread,  biscuits, buns, and cakes that contain chocolate, pain au chocolate, etc.

● Crisps, Pringles and nachos, etc.

● Yoghurts that have a high sugar content – particularly those that include corner pots of  chocolate / sugary treats.

● Processed Foods high in fat such as chips and wedges

● Drinks: Fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, hot chocolate

● No glass bottles / containers permitted in school

● Sweets and  chewing gum

● Cereal bars that are coated in chocolate or have a high sugar content

● Birthday treats for themselves or fellow students


As part of the green schools programme in our school, it is important that packaging of school lunches be kept to a minimum. Please cut down on packaging by refilling plastic bottles and reducing the amount of tinfoil and clingfilm used in lunche boxes. reusable sandwich bags are good alternatives to tinfoil and cling flim. All waste and uneaten food should be returned home in the lunch box.


Classroom Treats/Special Occasions Given at teacher’s discretion (treat or award) and consumed at a lunch time where possible.

Compiled: November 2010  Review Date:   Jan 2016


Ratified by Board of Management on __________________ (Date)


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Chairperson, Board of Management

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