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Science Week 2022

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Each of our classes enjoyed participating in Science Week 2022.
Lots of experiments, science lessons and zoom calls for the senior classes took place. Check out the snaps below!
Junior and Senior Infants
Junior and Senior Infant pupils really enjoyed taking part in a variety of different science experiments. One of the first experiments they did was using water beads - observing how much water they absorbed and how big they expanded over night. The next experiment was the "Dancing Raisins". Pupils were fascinated watching the different reactions the raisins had in the two different types of water. As a group activity the children really enjoyed learning about our bones and had lots of fun in their teams arranging the skeletons. Next, we completed the "Skittles" experiment. Each table patiently observed what happend to their plate when water was added, noting whether the warm or cold water was more effective. Over the course of the week we monitored how plants drink water with celery stalks and food dye. Each day children excitedly noticed how each of the three celery stalks gradually changed colour. Finally, the class observed what happens when we apply heat to bread. Everyone got to enjoy some yummy toast in school!
Dancing Raisins
How Plants Drink Water
Skeleton Fun
Turning Bread into Toast
Colourful Skittles Experiment
First and Second Class

In first and second class we learned how to generate static electricity with a balloon and we made our hair move with it!
We also performed some taste experiments. We used our senses of smell, sight and taste to identify different liquids.
We made percussion instruments, some string instruments and also a wind instrument. We had great fun playing together in our class orchestra!
Learning about Static Electricity
Sound - We made instruments!
Third and Fourth Class
Fifth and Sixth Class
In 5th & 6th Class we repeated the experiment that we watched Mark the Science Guy conduct on our Science week Zoom call. We also showed how heat can change materials permanently when making cookies together. The children got to make oobleck and elephant toothpastes when the Junior Einsteins came to visit.
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