Bellewstown, Co Meath
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Science Week 2021

Science Week - November 2021

Science Experiment: "Holy Mouldy"

Ms Breen's class carried out an experiment exploring the importance of washing hands and general hand hygiene! The "Holy Mouldy" experiment teaches children all about microorganisms. It was great to see the pupils enjoying working scientifically, developing their observation skills and drawing conclusions as they investigated the mould on the bread.
First & Second Class Experiments
Experiments in Infants
Webinar Time
Webinar on how STEM is used in the elephants enclosure in Dublin Zoo
Webinar with Oisín McGann on Climate Change
"The Ugliest Animal in the World"
"The Secret Science of Santa"
"The Secret Science of Santa"
STEM Projects
STEM in Infants

Junior and Senior Infant pupils were challenged to design and build pencil holders!
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