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Lead Worker: Mrs Elaine Light
Deputy Lead Worker:
Ms Martina Swinburne

DES: Advice to Parents September 2021
Covid-19 Policy Statement

Covid-19 Response Plan

Junior Infants - Second Class
Third - Sixth Class
HSE Advice for Parents
Hand Hygiene

This educational handwashing jingle was created by to teach young children how to wash their hands correctly.

HSE Quick Guide
Back to School Advice for Parents
Back to School Advice for Parents
Dr. Abigail Collins Return to School March 21
Back to School - Junior Infants - Second Class
What happens if a child attending school is diagnosed with Covid-19?

Under the law, all cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 must be notified to Public Health. It is very important to note that management of confirmed cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 in schools will be Public Health led, and action taken will be based on Public Health risk assessment undertaken by the regional Department of Public Health.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for the management of cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 in schools. This is because every situation and every school is different.

Public Health doctors consider many factors when they risk assess an outbreak of COVID-19 in a school, including:

  • where the cases have been in the school
  • what class they are in
  • what contact have they had with other children or staff
  • what is the size and configuration of the school
  • what is the level of interaction between students, and between students and staff
  • what COVID-19 prevention or infection prevention control measures are in place in the school and how well are they monitored and adhered to
  • where have confirmed cases been outside of the school environment. For example, have they been in a social or household situation where they may have picked up COVID-19

All of these factors, and more, allow Public Health doctors to assess the level of risk to students and staff within the school. Outbreak management is a complex process undertaken by highly trained Public Health doctors and affiliated staff. Many factors are considered in deciding the right course of action in each individual situation.

Government Recommended Websites

The following websites provide information on COVID-19 and on government advice and recommendations regarding the re-opening of schools:

Government Guidelines on Re-Opening Schools

As you are aware the Government has issued guidelines for reopening schools.  We are currently working through them and you can access them here.

Department of Education and Science

Please click the link below for the most up to date information about Coronavirus from the DES

Coronavirus Hygiene Video
Link to updated Guidance from the HSE

For updated guidance specific to education settings please visit the HSE's Health Protection Surveillance Centre's (HPSC) website

Information Posters

Please click on the posters to download a copy.

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