First and Second Class


Term 1

We had great fun doing portraits of each other!

We decided to start off our school year by planting some flowers in old wellies to decorate the wall of the basketball court.


Tired after all our hard work!




Board Game Morning

In 1st and 2nd we brought in our favourite board games to play in school. We  had a great time learning how to play games we had never seen before.













Christmas 2017

We worked like Santa’s elves painting nearly 200 empty toilet rolls to make out Christmas wreaths!


Turkey Visit!

Thanks to Joanne McComish and Kerri-Anne Black we had a visit from a turkey. We asked lots of questions and found out some interesting facts about turkeys that we didn’t know before!


The Bugs Hotel by B. McGuinness (inspired by the work of 1st and 2nd Class)

We have just created our Bugs Hotel,

What guests arrive we cannot tell.

It’s awesome, cosy, with lots of rooms,

No need to dust or sweep with brooms.


The traffic coming we will not see,

It crawls, flies and stays for free.

Breakfast is served anytime from sunrise,

Lunch and dinner hunt in disguise.


The hotel is constructed from piles of wood,

Collected and built as best we could.

Ms. O’Mara got a real looking roof,

Which makes it elegant and waterproof.


As Autumn closes in the bugs will shelter,

In, out, up and down they will skelter.

They will be warm and snug all winter long,

And awake in Spring to the sound of bird’s song.


It has a real name and it’s own plaque,

“Our Minibeast Hotel” written on black.

We’re very proud of our Minibeast Hotel,

We hope it serves many insects well.

The New Hotel in Bellewstown

In first and second we have been busy building a hotel for all the mini beasts that visit the gardens of our school. We are very proud of it and we hope the mini beasts enjoy their time there! Here are some photos….

“Our Mini Beast Hotel”

Term 1

Autumn is here! In our classroom we have been learning all about this busy time of year, especially the squirrels. We made squirrel collages using leaves, twigs and moss. We also made leaf rubbings from leaves we found in our garden.

We had great fun designing our own pumpkins – they all have different personalities just like us!

We are also learning about the Food Pyramid and what foods we should eat to stay healthy! We made our own giant Food Pyramid by cutting out different types of food and then sticking them onto the correct part of the pyramid. We are very proud of it and we have it hanging in our classroom!


Shhh…. we are building a new hotel in Bellewstown! More details to follow………


Lá Glas

We celebrated Lá Glas by dressing up in green clothes and\or accessories.


Shapes in our Environment

This term, in maths, we were learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We collected lots of 3D shapes and we worked in groups to create something new. We had great fun! We brought our structures down to the Infant Room and they thought we were brilliant!!

Our Skyscraper

The Great Wall of China

A bridge and a road

“Billy Bob” – the Robot

The Chocolate Factory


Valentine’s Day – We Love you to pieces!

In Art we made lovely Valentine’s day crafts using old jigsaws, red paint and lollipop sticks.

What do plants need to grow?

We planted cress seeds and gave them sunlight and water….. We found that the cress seeds grew.

We planted cress seeds and gave them sunlight but no water. ……….We found that nothing grew.

We planted cress seeds and gave them water but no sunlight……… We found that they sprouted but they had no leaves.

Our Nature Walk around the racecourse with Mrs McGuinness



Our Autumn paintings……………….

This term first class have been working hard in Maths learning about tens and units



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